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Privacy Policy Statement pursuant to sect. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/30.06.2003

Pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/30.06.2003 (Code concerning the protection of personal details), we hereby inform you that the personal information referring to and freely provided to us by you during Your dealings with the ICT platform (hereinafter also referred to as "The Company"), called (hereinafter referred to as the "Portal" or the "Web site") managed by Italygate by Mutina Management srl, with both open or restricted access pages -the latter requiring registration- (with URL, in which the tourists may obtain information but also buy Package Tours / Travel Services via e-commerce services), will be handled and processed in full compliance with the relevant regulatory prescriptions concerning the protection of personal information and according to our confidentiality procedures.

The personal information note is issued for this website only and no other website that may be visited by the same user by means of links.


Personal information provided by you to Italygate di Mutina Management S.r.l. (hereinafter, for short, “Company”) may be used for the following purposes: (i) to agree and execute the agreement as well as comply with all tax and administrative provisions of law being instrumental, functional and/or correlated for the purpose of agreeing and execute the agreement; (ii) for the preparation of statistical research and market surveys, the publication of any assessment for services rendered; (iii) for the organisation, execution and/or participation to event and event also of a commercial nature (iv) for the communication of news and promotions, also of a commercial nature, advertising material and/or offers of goods and services via mail, web, telephone, e-mail, MMS, and text messages from Italy or other countries (also outside the European Union) from the Company or other individuals or bodies which are commercial partners of the Company and/or parent, subsidiary and/or associates companies.

Information will be handled with the aid of paper/hardcopy, electronic and/or ICT media, according to criteria strictly related to the abovementioned purposes, in order to ensure the confidentiality of the information collected and to avoid undue access by unauthorised parties.

The communication of personal information is not mandatory. However, a possible denial and/or communication of incorrect and/or incomplete information may have the following consequences:

(i) Impossibility to implement and/or guarantee the regular and timely execution of the agreement, as well as impossibility to fulfil all tax and administrative regulatory provisions being instrumental, correlated and/or in any way useful for the implementation and/or execution of the agreement;

(ii) Impossibility to publish any assessment for services rendered

(iii) Impossibility to set up, carry out and/or allow your participation in events and initiatives, be it for promotional purposes;

(iv) Impossibility to publish your data on the site and for the management and updating of the site contents on the same portal of the online and offline sale of goods and/or services to users;

(v) Impossibility to contact you and/or send you promotional offers and info, including commercial offers, advertising material and/or goods and service offers.

The notification of personal data is compulsory in those instances expressly provided for by mandatory laws and/or tax and administrative provisions and regulations, for example, in the sale of package tours, the obligation to draft a written contract as required by art. 35 and 36 of the Legislative Decree no. 79 of May 23, 2011, (Tourism Code), as well as to comply with the mandatory transfer of passenger identification data to the carriers and the Airspace Authorities and Customs in the air tickets brokerage; the failure to consent in such instances, to the processing and communication of the required personal data will make it impossible for the Company to fulfil its legal, administrative and/or tax obligations.


In the organisational structure of Italygate by Mutina Management S.r.l. we may share some collected personal information with shareholders, members of the Board of Directors or of another management body, members of the Board of Internal Auditors, Auditors, staff members, and those in charge of the processing of personal information by appointment of Italygate by Mutina Management S.r.l. while performing their duties.

Personal details will be made available to Italygate by Mutina Mangement S.r.l. as data controller.

Personal information may be shared with some qualified subjects who provide Italygate by Mutina Management S.r.l. with services related to the purposes reported in article 1 above such as, including but not limited to, subjects and companies which manage and/or share the management and/or maintenance of websites and related electronic and/or ICT tools used; suppliers, contractors, subcontractors or qualified subjects who supply to the company services or equipment being instrumental to the implementation and/or execution of the agreed obligations with the Company (such as, for instance, banks and/or subjects appointed to cash and make payments, insurance companies and organisations); subjects providing services being or including the processing of statistical and market surveys, the organisation and development of every type of event, also of a promotional nature; the mailing of business and/or promotional communications, as well as advertising material and/or offers of goods and services under the provisions set out in Paragraph 1 above; experts who provide different kinds of assistance to Italygate by Mutina Management S.r.l. with special reference to legal, tax, social security, accountancy, and organisation issues, as well as any other subject to whom personal information shall be disclosed pursuant to a specific statutory prescription. Personal details may be moved abroad, in compliance with the relevant regulatory prescription, also to countries outside the European Union, where Italygate by Mutina Management S.r.l. pursues its own interests.


In relation to the processing described herein, sect. 7 of the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 No. 196, which is as follows, sets out the following rights for the interested parties:

Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, No. 196

Sect. 7 - Right of access to personal information and other rights

The Parties Concerned have the right to obtain: i) the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal information concerning themselves, even if such details have not yet been recorded, and ii) their communication in an intelligible form.

The PARTIES CONCERNED have the right to obtain the indication of:

a) the origin of personal information;

b) the processing purposes and methods;

c) the logic applied in the case of processing carried out with the aid of electronic instruments;

d) the identifying details of the data controller, data supervisors, and designated representative pursuant to Sect. 5, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree 196/2003;

e)  the parties or categories of parties to whom personal information may be communicated, or who may gain knowledge of said information in their role as the designated representative on the national territory, data supervisors, or persons in charge of processing;

The PARTIES CONCERNED have the right to obtain:

a) the updating, correction or, upon request, the completion of the data;

b) the deletion, transformation into an anonymous form, or blocking of the illegally processed information, including those for which storage is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data has been collected or subsequently processed;

c) proof that the operations described in points a) and b) have been disclosed, also with regard to their content, to those to whom they have been communicated or distributed, except for cases in which this is impossible or entails the use of resources manifestly disproportionate to the right protected.

The PARTIES CONCERNED have the right to oppose, entirely or in part:

a) for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal information concerning them, even if pertinent to the purpose of their collection;

b) the processing of personal information concerning them for the purpose of sending them advertising or direct selling materials, conducting market surveys, or commercial communications.

The Controller of your information is Italygate by Mutina Management S.r.l., with registered address in
via De Gavasseti 33/1, 41126 Modena. The supervisor of personal information on behalf of the Company is the Head of Staff, Organisation and Systems of Mutina Management S.r.l., available at Mutina Management S.r.l., via De Gavasseti 33/1, 41126 Modena - e-mail: The interested party shall report to the Information Supervisor in relation to the rights listed herein; any questions or concerns regarding the processing of personal information shall be addressed to either the registered address of the Information Supervisor, or by e-mail to , or fax to +39 059.8375001.

For an updated list of personal information supervisors of the Company please contact the Company as indicat9d above.


In case the Company should process the personal data offline (e.g. hard copies), a data processing information note will be issued in order to obtain the user’s consent where necessary; the same applies also for data collected on forms downloaded from the website (each form bears the personal information note specifically on data processing).


With regard to data collection carried out directly from the Website (e.g. service registration forms, data notified for online purchase of goods and/or services), a data processing information note will be issued to obtain the user’s consent, where necessary, while it is always possible to access this page to access the Company’s PRIVACY POLICY in a broader version.

When a user willingly, voluntarily and explicitly sends, either online or offline, his or her personal data (e.g.: e-mail, application to take part in events, hotel reservations, etc.) it shall imply the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s data as they are needed to reply and possibly notify the provided procedures for personal data acquisition, including the personal data processing note and the consent form where applicable.

Navigating the website is unrestricted, free of charge and does not require to be registered.

Registration is required to access a specific set of services.


The collection, processing and storage of confidential data, is carried out by the Company for the same purposes and in the same way as indicated in the previous articles 1 and 2, in accordance with the requirements of Authorization n. 5/2013 issued by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (Reg. Provisions no. 568 of 12 December 2013 published in the Official Journal no. 302 of 27 December 2013), valid until 31.12.2014.



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